VLead Foundation is an NGO(Non Governmental Organization)is a group of an Organization which is working towards the upliftment of marginalised and socially weaker sections of the society, without any profits for itself. This NGO operates on the set of values and ethics.It operates with the basic tenet of helping the unfortunate and in a bid to improve the livelihood of the lower section of the society. As an organization this NGO tends to work towards childern's rural education and social welfare programs. It strives to help people to attain a self sustainable, socio economic stability through its program.

VLead is involved in various welfare programs, rural education, mobile healthcare and skill development. VLead is a non profit organisation (Charitable Trust) focusing on fulfilling the basic needs of the needy related to different channels of the underpreveiledged people of society.
The main objective of the trust is to create positive loving environment, in which the often main aspects of the society are treated as neglected. A significant effort is invested in re-socialising the rural education, social welfare programs, healthcare awareness.To help the helpless needy and poor people of the society with the free food, free shelter , free education, free medical assistance etc. irrespective of cast , creed , class, religion and race.

To start children homes, hostels, orphanages, approved by the society and meet the expenses their off the poor and needy, irrespective of their religion, cast or creed.The trust also aims to provide all of the children with the heighest level of education and the guidance, so they can grow to be assets to their community and show that they can compete competitively for the jobs, admissions, and placements upon graduation.


There are many aspects in society which are still not taken care of anybody. There are plenty of people in society who are still not getting the basic needs. There are many such places in society which are not showcased to the word of development, in order to look in to all these social activities, we are leadig a Foundation called "VLead Foundation" which has an insight of providing basic facilities for the people who are in need.

Vijaykumar S Gunadal


VLead Foundation


VLead Foundation


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